Our Rich History
Revere Mills was founded in 1916 by Morris S. Kite and originally known as Kite and Kite Textile Co. In 1938 Morris’ son Eugene “Gene” became an integral part of the company. During Gene’s career, he developed relationships with all of the major home textile manufacturers in the U.S. He shared a special relationship with Charles Cannon III and the Cannon Mills family. Kite & Kite Textile Co. changed its name to Revere Mills, Inc. in 1965.

Lori Kite Gideon, Gene’s daughter, has been active in the business since 1971 and is CEO. Dana Gideon Levenstein joined the company in 2003 and is now the fourth generation to be actively involved in the company.

2004 was a defining year in the company’s rich tradition. Revere formed a partnership with two of its primary manufacturers in Pakistan and changed its name to Revere Mills International Group, Inc. and is now a direct-to the-factory resource for our customers.

Revere Mills International Group remains a strong and viable leader in the textile industry today.

Revere has sustained itself through 100 years in business by bringing innovation, integrity, creativity and service to the retail trade.
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